Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if a check is returned to Sheriff because of insufficient funds?
Please take note that any checks that are returned for insufficient funds could result in criminal charges.
All individual or business’s that submits a check to the Lorain County Sheriff that is returned for insufficient funds will be required to pay in cash or by certified bank check for any future purchases; Purchases by certified bank check that are above the purchase price will have the difference applied to the final balance upon the confirmation of the sale. All real property to be sold at the public auction may be subject to a Federal Tax Lien that might not be extinguished by the sale. You are urged to search the Federal Tax Lien index that is kept by the County Recorder in the Administration Building, 1st Floor, 226 Middle Avenue Elyria, Ohio to determine if such a lien has been filed. The minimum bid price for real estate sold at the Sheriff’s sale consists of court costs and deed and THIS DOES not include real estate taxes that are due and unpaid as of the date of the Sheriff’s sale. The debtor has the right of redemption of the property until confirmation of sale is signed by the judge and filed by the court.
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