Civil Division - HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (440-329-5515)
Please send all documents to be served to the main Sheriff's Office.
Main Office                                                                                             Civil Office 
9896 Murray Ridge Road                                                                        225 COURT STREET (Room 104)
Elyria Ohio 44035                                                                                   Elyria Ohio 44035 

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division handles a variety of duties. The Civil Office processes and serves documents throughout the county from the various local, state, and foreign courts each year. The Civil office also prepares and sells real estate property (Orders of Sales -Sheriff Sales) as directed by the court.

Effective with the sale date of 04-15-15 the Lorain County Sheriff's Office will no longer accept the following
forms of payments for the required 10% deposit on Sheriff sales from third party purchasers. 
1.  Cash
2.  Personal checks
3.  Business checks
Payment for the deposit of a purchase must be by a Cashier's check and made payable to the Lorain County Sheriff's Office.  10% of the bid is due at the time of the sale in a cashiers check (not less than $1,000.00) up to a maximum deposit of $10,000.  No other forms of payment will be accepted. 
All money in excess of the required deposit will be applied toward the purchase price of the property. 

To all attorneys

Reference:   Sheriff’s Deed Fee of $51.00


Effective with sales after 09-01-13 the Sheriff’s deed fee will be included with the Clerk of court fees.  This change will be reflected in cost bills after September 1st 2013.  The following will need changed on confirmations for all orders of sales with a sale date after 09-01-13


1.     Remove line item referencing the Sheriff’s deed fee for $51.00 

2.     Do not write checks made payable to Lorain County Sheriff for deed fee.  (it will be included in the amount that is written for the clerk)


All confirmations with a sale date prior to September 1st 2013  will be done as they are currently being done.  The cost for these sales will have already been docketed by the clerk. 


If you have any questions on this matter please do not hesitate to call our office.  (440-329-5515). 



Advertising Schedule for Newspapers
All Sheriff Sales are advertised in either the Lorain Morning Journal or the Elyria Chronicle Telegram every Friday. Real Estate located in the Northern half of the County is advertised in the Lorain Morning Journal and real estate located in the Southern half of the County is advertised in the Elyria Chronicle Telegram.
All care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the sale information, however we can not control the information provided to us. Be advised that a property listed below may NOT be auctioned on the designated day due to various reasons.

SHERIFF'S FEES - Effective October 16th, 2009, new Sheriff's fees as listed in the Ohio Revised Code 311.17 will be used.  Increases will be on subpoena's, warrants to arrest, executions without levy and for mileage on all attempts and service of documents that are received.   (10-09-09).  All fees are calculated on the fees schedule as listed in the Ohio Revised Code under section 311.17.

Reading the frequently asked questions will help answer many questions concerning Sheriff Sales.

ALL PURCHASERS WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE A PURCHASE INFORMATION FORM ON SALES. All purchasers shall be required to complete this form (2329.271). A full description of the requirements can be read here.  This form is available and can be downloaded under in the forms page.
Plaintiffs and 1st & 2nd lien holders should have the purchaser information form completed in advance of the sale.  Sheriff's Office staff will assist 3rd party purchasers in completing the purchaser form. The purchaser information form will also be available at the time of the sale.  Please note that P.O Boxes are not an acceptable address when completing the form.  The start date for purchaser information forms shall be with the 1st sale date of 2009.

Prorated tax information is now available starting with the sales of 01-28-2009.

Starting with the sale ads of 03-25-2009 the legal description of the property will not be included on the sale ad.  A complete description of the legal can be found at the following locations. 

1.  Lorain County Clerk of Courts – 225 Court Street, Elyria Ohio – room 109 (case file)

2.   Lorain County Recorder’s Office – 226 Middle Ave, Elyria Ohio

3.   Lorain County Recorder’s Website –