To all attorneys

Reference: Sheriff’s Deed Fee of $51.00

Effective with sales after 09-01-13 the Sheriff’s deed fee will be included with the Clerk of court fees. This change will be reflected in cost bills after September 1st 2013. The following will need changed on confirmations for all orders of sales with a sale date after 09-01-13.

1. Remove line item referencing the Sheriff’s deed fee for $51.00

2. Do not write checks made payable to Lorain County Sheriff for deed fee. (it will be included in the amount that is written for the clerk)

All confirmations with a sale date prior to September 1st 2013 will be done as they are currently being done. The cost for these sales will have already been docketed by the clerk.

If you have any questions on this matter please do not hesitate to call our office.

Revised 04-21-2009

House Bill 138 – For Lorain County this applies to cases with a number of 08CV158506 or higher. 

Time Requirements

  • Confirmation Entry - Judicial sales require that the confirmation of sale is filed by the plaintiff's attorney within 30 days of the date of sale.  Submit the confirmation order to the judges office for review. 

  • Deed - The attorney representing the plaintiff shall prepare the deed within 7 days of confirmation.  O.R.C. 2329.31

  • Transfer and Record - The Sheriff's Office shall within 14 business day of receiving  and approving all necessary documents transfer and record the deed in accordance with O.R.C. - 2329.36. 

LEGALS - 01-29-15 UPDATED - The Lorain County Sheriff's Office will require the completion and approval of the Property description form prior to the sale. Please submit the legal to be attached to the deed to the auditor for their review and to stamp with a blue approved stamp prior to sending it to our office. 

The following shall be submitted to the Sheriff's civil office no later than 14 days from the confirmation date. 
Completed conveyance form - (For transfer of Deed) - Goes with the check for the Auditor - next line. The conveyance form must be typed or it will not be accepted by the Auditor's office. 
Check - made out to “Lorain County Auditor” - (This is for the transfer of the Deed)
           - The Lorain County Auditor wants a contact number to be included on all checks to them. 
Check - made out to “Lorain County Recorder” - (This is for the recording of the Deed)
Check - made out to “Lorain County Sheriff” - (for deed - $51.00)  - Recinded on 09-01-13 (see above)
Check - made out to "Lorain County Clerk of Courts" (court costs) - The administrative cost of 75.00 and the Sheriff's deed fee of $51.00 are included in this amount.
Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of documents.  
There will be an administrative cost of $75.00 for the transfer and recording of the deed added to each case.  This amount will be added to the other Sheriff's fees for the case.  (Ohio Revised Code - 2327.02)


  • The taxes do not have to be included with the above listed documents.  Taxes due for the previous year should be paid to the Lorain County Treasurer -  they will forward the verification form (orange form) to our office. 

  • Prorated Taxes - Prorated taxes will be estimated by the Lorain County Treasurer.  The Treasurer's office will not be held responsible for any additions to the tax bill that may be attached to the parcel after the confirmation date.  Nor can they be responsible for the increase in taxes that may occur due to levy passage or value changes.  The figures given are estimates to the best of their knowledge.  A credit to the purchaser will be given for the prorated taxes.  This should be indicated in the confirmation entry. 

  • A webpage will be available for viewing and to obtain Prorated tax information for each case by sale date.  This site will also allow for the attorney of record to determine if our office has received the proper documents for each case.  The webpage will allow for you to save, print or export the information for each week and is automatically updated every five (5) minutes. 

  • Prorated Taxes- Use the link to the left to view prorated tax information.  Select the sale date that you want to view. 

  • Please do not contact the treasurer's office for prorated tax information.   The prorated figures can be obtained from the Sheriff's website.