Communications Division


The Communications Center is the hub of any law enforcement agency. The personnel assigned to work in the hub are a very service orientated team of dispatchers. These dispatchers are the first to receive and disseminate calls for service from and to the citizens of Lorain County.

The calls for services received into the Communications Center have a diverse range of priority assignment and emergency response action to be taken by the dispatcher. The inability to know which range of emergency call you may handle next requires the dispatcher to be alert and pay attention to detail during his/her entire tour of duty. The calls for service are received into the Communications Center by two main methods. The 24 hour business non-emergency line: 440.329.3709 or 440.244.0373 and 911 calls.

Dispatchers also handle all warrants checks for not only our Deputies but also for other agencies such as South Amherst, Kipton, LaGrange, and the Lorain County Metro Parks who are on calls or traffic stops.

Dispatchers operate a NCIC/LEADS computer which allows them to enter warrants, protection orders, and stolen articles. This allows other law enforcement agencies throughout the country to be notified if an individual they’re dealing with has a warrant, a protection order or if an item is stolen. Utilizing these computers, dispatchers can communicate with all fifty states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Canadian provinces.