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Captain James Drozdowski
Captain James Drozdowski Contact Information:
Phone: 440-329-3767
Fax: 440-329-3792
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Captain James Drozdowski began his career as an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff in 1982 attaining the rank of Lieutenant in 1986.
In 1985 Drozdowski was hired as a Vehicle Maintenance Coordinator at the Sheriff's Office motor pool where he helped create our current Race Against Drugs Program. In 1988 he became the Police Chief of Grafton until 1995 when he was appointed a Deputy Sheriff.
As a Deputy, James assisted in creating our current Community Policing Program and worked as a Community Police Officer until 1999 when he was promoted to Sergeant. As Sergeant, James transferred to the Detective Bureau as supervisor for several years.
In 2001, James was promoted to Captain and attended the FBI National Academy in Virginia, graduating the class of #212. Captain Drozdowski has served as director of the Law Enforcement Division, Corrections Division and Director of Administrative/Personnel Division. he currently serves as Director of the Law Enforcement Division.